About RT Minds

Saving Lives With Art

Our goal is to help people enduring poor mental health to live a full life. We work alongside people affected by depression, anxiety and those at risk of suicide. We enable people to develop emotional resilience and coping strategies and, when ready, to embark upon a personal journey towards recovery. Whatever that may mean to the individual.

RT Minds. Using Art to Save Lives.

About RTMinds

RTMinds is an online resource to support people who may be struggling with their mental health. As a 'virtual' version of the mental health charity RTProjects, we aim to reach people beyond The Open Art Surgery, our physical home in Gilesgate, Durham. Art is a powerful tool for healing emotional distress. When fully engaged in art activity, being 'in the zone' provides respite from anxiety and depression. Art, like play, serves no purpose other than the pleasure of the process itself. Fully immersing oneself in the artistic process has immense psychological benefits.

RT Minds. Using Art to Save Lives.

How can we help?

Sign up to join our online interactive creative sessions, where you will be guided by artists who understand the difficulties you are facing. Here you will meet other people who feel the same as you. Our workshops are safe, non-judgemental, supportive environments. You are not alone! Use the support pages to help you learn about ways to support your mental health . If you live in Durham, UK, you may be able to join a group in person. Ask your support worker or GP to refer you to RTProjects.

RT Minds. Using Art to Save Lives.


RTMInds is the online version of RTProjects, which was co-founded in 2007 by Beano & Emma. Beano, who came close to ending his life by suicide, now champions our suicide prevention campaign and supports pals towards rebuilding their lives beyond thoughts of suicide. He leads RTProjects and is the creative genius behind everything that is fun and dynamic! Emma, who has lived with anxiety and depression for many years, is now intent on reminding us all that 'Love is the Answer'. She keeps RTProjects ticking along in the background.